All about Music

Here I will discuss about music, to be sure people already know what it was music.

Music is an art form or entertainment containing rhythm and harmony, and music is a very unique phenomenon that can be produced by several musical instruments.


Some people consider the intangible music at all, but music has the ability to reconcile the troubled heart, has a recreational therapy and foster patriotism.… Read More

Neotraditional Country Music – Summer 2016 Mix

Here’s a compilation of true country songs coming from mainstream artists! I feel like these guys (expecially Jon Pardi, Chris Stapleton, Maddie & Tae, Kacey Musgraves, Mo Pitney and William Michael Morgan) are trying to bring true country music back on the radio, so I recorded this mix for every traditional country music fan and I really hope you’ll like it!
You can also find this playlist (regularly updated) on:

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6 Facts About Yarns Everyone Thinks Are True

How to Select the Best Knitting Yarn For Different Projects If you love knitting woolen items, you may need to learn some basics of the art. Even the experts needs to continue doing some information search to ensure that they improve on their knitting. This is an art which is perfected through doing. When beginning, you many not create a lovely price or even receives congrats from friends. Even when this is the case, continuous practice will help you improve to the better. There are few things that you need to learn about the yarn knitting The types of wool are different depending on the source. Some animals such as sheep, goats, rabbits and others are the sources of the wool. The major source of wool is the sheep since it produces large amounts. Sometimes, people speak of the merino wool as they want to distinguish to from the wool … Read More

Where To Start with Wool and More

A Guide to Knitting Yarns Starting the hobby of knitting can be a very rewarding one. You can be kept busy with it and you can also have an extensive selection of fantastic patterns to take advantage of. However, there are different types of knitting yarn available and the problem is how to identify the knitting yarn that you need for your particular project. Knitting yarn come with various thicknesses, usually referred to as weight. You will be able to identify the yarn which is best suited for your knitting project if you understand the different kinds of yarn being sold. The size of the right needle is depending on the weight of the knitting yarn you will use. The recommended brand of knitting yarn, the yarn weight, and the needle size that you need for the project is written on the patterns, if you are using one to work … Read More

5 Classic Office Romances from the Small Screen

Television plays one of the most integral parts of our lives, influencing considerably on our potential relationships. Because, no matter what generation you grew up in, your heart would still belong to certain televised office romances. Watching such classic films from the small screen is a great pastime for people who are in relationships or those who have found their soulmates at an elder dating site for 50 plus.


If you have ever watched Moonlight, Cheers, The West Wing, Glee, or ER then it would be difficult to not remember certain scenes from these classic office romances movies when you are heading to the photocopier or hear people flirting at work. All the aforementioned movies are a great example of people building relationships at work. But sadly, the same as in life, not all matches did work well.


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☃ 2 HOURS OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC ☃ Christmas Mood Music – Instrumental Background – Merry Christmas 2015

2 Hours of Christmas Music with Holiday scenery for your background. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Thank you so much for watching this video by Relax your Mind Channel 🙂 I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

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“Wish background” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Country Music: In Rehearsals

(L-R) Louise Brealey (Lynsey), Joe Marsh (Jamie)

Photograph by Jonny Walton

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How To Build Artist/Producer Type Websites To Promote Music, Sell Music Or Sell Beats – Part 2

Here is how to create your own industry standard type website for muci artist. I will also cover how to promote and sell your music and beats online & how to build your fan base. Visit my site for more! Peace!

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everyone likes free music

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Musical U Announces Easy Ear Training Merger


(England, UK)—Musical U recently announced that their flagship website,, has officially been fully merged into a single brand. In an effort to fulfill their mission of providing the most comprehensive and advanced solution for musicality training available online, Musical U has decided to streamline both their content and their operations. In turn, this gives musicians better access to the site’s free resources and will result in even higher quality offerings from Musical U.

“Easy Ear Training started over 7 years ago, and we have a wonderful team that has built the site into what it is today. While it’s difficult to say goodbye to a brand we’ve worked so hard to build, we are excited that the new Musical U brand has reached this level of maturity and thrilled about how much better we will be able to serve our members as this merger takes place,” … Read More