1 Hour of Dark Fantasy Country Music

I do not own the rights to any of the music or art used here. I just made this mix as my interpretation of a Dark fantasy frontier style journey using Country/Bluegrass/Dark Country. Like something out of Jonah Hex or The Dark Tower book series.

1. The Builders and the Butchers- Bringing home the rain
2. Gillian Welch- Annabelle
3.The Steeldrivers- If it hadn’t been for love
4. Highlonesome – Devil at the door
5.Strawfoot – Damnation Way
6.Angry Johnny & the killbillies – Highnoon in Killsville
7. The Hackensaw Boys- Gypsy
8.William Whitemore – Digging My grave
9. Strawfoot – Wayfarin Stranger
11. The Devil Makes three – Worken man’s blues
12.Gillian Welch – The Relevator
13. Union Station – The Boy that wouldn’t hoe corn
14.Union station – on the outside look’n in
15. The Steeldrivers- Blue side of the mountain
16.uncle sinner – Poor Pilgrim of sorrow
17.The Bootleggers- Fire in the blood


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