120/365 – Free music!

120/365 - Free music!

Wednesday night was our store’s holiday party.

Due to the Christmas season being supremely busy, there is no real feasible way that we can get enough shift coverage from other stores so that our staff can gather until after all of the actual festivities have subsided, so we usually have our party a couple weeks into the new year.

This year instead of doing a Secret Santa gift exchange, we did it white elephant style. I brought some Godiva chocolates that a friend of mine ended up with, and I managed to trade a Pizza Hut gift card with another person who had got an iTunes gift card.

Not that I don’t like Pizza Hut, but there are only a handful around here, and most of the ones we have are plain terrible, so I wanted music instead.

Coincidentally, the person who had ended up with the iTunes card has a family member that gets free iTunes downloads, so they didn’t really want it.


(I have yet to pick anything just yet to download – still deciding)

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