5 Classic Office Romances from the Small Screen

Television plays one of the most integral parts of our lives, influencing considerably on our potential relationships. Because, no matter what generation you grew up in, your heart would still belong to certain televised office romances. Watching such classic films from the small screen is a great pastime for people who are in relationships or those who have found their soulmates at an elder dating site for 50 plus.


If you have ever watched Moonlight, Cheers, The West Wing, Glee, or ER then it would be difficult to not remember certain scenes from these classic office romances movies when you are heading to the photocopier or hear people flirting at work. All the aforementioned movies are a great example of people building relationships at work. But sadly, the same as in life, not all matches did work well.


It is an eighties comedy that is considered to be one of the most beloved ones for people from all across the globe. It is about whether a relationship between Sam and Diane will work or not. Later on, there appears Dr Ross (G. Clooney) who falls in love with a nurse. It is a comedy that won people’s hearts so much, that its director has shot the whole 5 series.


More than 6 million people worldwide were watching these 14 episodes accompanied by The Office. It demonstrates that gone are those times when ego-centric men were so popular among women. It is now time to date sweet, charming, funny and nice guys (in the person of Tim Canterbury).


In the Glee episodes, one can also find the doomed lovers. It is about 8 couples who are taking part in a chore with a teacher of Spanish. By the end of the series 4, the couple finally gets married.

The West Wing

The movie tells its watchers about the “inner” life of the President’s administration with people being in relationships with each other. All the series are full of smart ideas, serious everyday questions and a desire to make this world a better place.


Another breath-taking movie that is recommended to be watched to absolutely everyone. It shows a sweet and beautiful office romance that surprisingly enough but leads to a positive outcome.

The movie industry produces hundreds of films annually and a great part of them is about office romances that so beloved by men and women worldwide.