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Join New York’s New Year’s Eve Party at Times Square

New York is host to the largest and most festive New Year’s Eve party throughout the world. Times Square, the crossroads of America, is the scene of this New Year’s eve part where millions of people gather together to witness the ball drop which is a traditional way of welcoming the New Year.

It is estimated that there are one million people that attend this yearly party, it is also said that over a billion people also take part in this festivities through television of through the internet, all over the world. Many people dream to be there live and if you are not living anywhere near New York, this means that you have to travel to get there. So, instead of using commercial travel, why not kick that trip up a notch and charter your very own jet to get you there in style?

Chartering a jet means you don’t have to stand in line for security checks and you simply follow your own schedule. So when you are heading to Times Square, New York to watch the ball drop, you fly in comfort with plenty of leg, head, and elbow room.

Although the people in New York were already gathering during the New Year since 1904, the first ball was dropped in the year 1907. The first ball, decorated with a hundred 25 watts bulbs was 5 feet in diameter and was made of wood and iron. This ball weighed 700 pounds and would be the first of seven such balls redesigned throughout the years.

The New Year’s Eve ball today sits atop One Times Square and can be seen from there all year long. The current New Year’s eve ball no longer uses 25 watt bulbs but is it decorated now with 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles and illuminated with 32,000 Philips Luxeon LEDs, and it weighs around 6 tons with a diameter of 12 feet.

People who are attending this ball drop event should be reminded that the party is celebrated all night long. Hours before the ball is dropped to signal the start of the new year, they have a ceremony to light and raise the ball, and there are various performances before the midnight hour too. It is another fun thing to witness a ton of confetti dropped to the revelers on the street after the ball drop at midnight. It is a great experience to be actually there when the ball drops at midnight and cannot be compared with the experiences of those who simply watch it on TV.

With a charter flight you not only were able to attend the festivities in Times Square, you were also able to enjoy a fast and stress free flight.

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