All about Music


Here I will discuss all about music, to be sure people already know what it was music. Music is an art form or entertainment containing rhythm and harmony, and music is the unique phenomenon that can be produced by several musical instruments.

Some people consider the intangible music at all, but music has the ability to reconcile the troubled heart, has a recreational therapy and foster patriotism.

The definition of music is also diverse, namely:

• Sound/impression of something that was captured by the sense of hearing
• A work of art with all constituents and supporters.
• All sounds are produced intentionally by a person or group and served as music.

Of the many musical genres that have been provided by musicians, pop music may be the most musical genres have many takers. Pop music has a characteristic form of music is easy listening and the lyrics are commercial.

In addition to the simple lyrics and music that tends themed commercial matters, another feature that is owned by pop music is the use of various technological innovations to support his music. Eg mixing process that can produce tonnes catchy and more varied. The things that later becomes the reason why much-loved pop music, especially by teenagers.

Pop music is actually one genre of music that is part of popular music. The popular music itself is music that is not restricted to one particular genre. The main criterion is how the musical genres that can be popular and mainstream. That’s why pop music is often associated with popular music. Though pop music and popular music it is two different things.