Anamnesis Morbi – Electricity

Anamnesis Morbi - Electricity

New music video of my simlish band Anamnesis Morbi!
(I put here this awful screen because Flickr wan’t to upload my video т____Т)

She was sick with schizophrenia and felt herself absolutely lonely in this big city. Her husband was the unique man close for her… but he didn’t hide his adventures with other women. She needed someone who would understand her, protect her… She wanted to fall in love…
Once her disease, night and rain played a very malicious joke with her. The most courageous and intimate fantasy or the most awful nightmare?

Full version:

Original tracks:
Delain – I want you
Delain – Electricity

Ekaterina Grigorchuk

Posted by Venena on 2012-07-22 12:35:38


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