Apple Music Search Stops Working For Many Users

Music SearchSearch Party takes a artistic curatorial strategy to unique music composition to fulfill the distinctive musical needs of our clients in the worlds of film, tv and advertising. Apple Music has lots of potential, but its iCloud Music Library bugs and complicated interface maintain it from edging out Spotify for now.

As a company founded by music supervisors, placement and licensing has been our specialty for greater than a decade.

Intuitive music discovery and correct recommendations are notoriously difficult to implement in a music streaming service, which is the place Gracenote may help with its new Rhythm API.

Gracenote Rhythm’s adaptive radio engine and playlisting products use information and algorithms to serve up Internet radio experiences and music recommendations tuned to a fan’s likes and dislikes.

Just as Search Party’s composers pursue a myriad of private musical projects outdoors our studios, so too so does our production crew.

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