‘Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously’ (2)

My MusicDigi Music Freedom app offers you the liberty to stream the music that you love from the music app of your alternative, 24/7 with no data fees. They attempt to conceal this destruction in several ways, they usually finally assault the art of recorded music as a result of they assault the air within the recording, the assault, the timbre, and the decay of devices to do their knowledge discount from round 50mb to 5mb.

And I am seeing the sort” of tracks I’d already owned, change from Matched AAC audio file” to Apple Music AAC audio file.” This is 100% reproducible (and somewhat irreversible.) Logging out and logging again in, and testing on a brand new user account on a brand new and totally different Mac, has no effect.

Don’t simply give away your music totally free – assign a Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) License to your music.

You do NOT must backup your music assortment now simply due to Apple Music which is out to destroy your collection (you must do it anyway when you care about it).

Maybe things are still there but not showing up because of the Apple Music adjustments that were made to theitl file.

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