Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.

My MusicWhile the My Music part makes searching a large private collection of music simpler with familiar organization, it would not robotically pull in and sync your iTunes music library. There needs to be no conflict between me enjoying non-Apple songs that reside on my cellphone and streaming Apple Music on my iMac.

I even have a 4.3k tune library in iTunes, I’ve been a (iTM) Match and (now) (AM) Apple Music subscriber since Day 1. While the problems detailed above are inconvenient and annoying, it is hardly as systemic or odious as some persons are making it out to be.

Go into (iTS) iTunes Store, click on Purchased, Sign-in, then see ALL vs. On My Computer music information.

I had excessive hopes over converting my non-techie members of the family to an Apple cloud photo system.

To date, that discontent had been fueled by the utter disarray by which iTunes had left my digital music library.

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