Arkells x The Tragically Hip – My Music At Operate (Stay At WayHome Audio & Arts Festival)

It was vital to us that we engage in a Hip tune this summer season. This is the band that took us on tour and gave us the privilege of taking part in arenas throughout the place. We viewed them every single evening on that tour, eager to select up as many tricks that we could steal for our personal. Gord D is identified for becoming a poet, but I would say he is equivalent parts dance teacher.
We debated extended and tough about which Hip track we oughta engage in this summer season. There are of course too many fantastic music to select from. Mike D instructed “My Music At Operate” for the reason that it can be like The Who, but by some means heavier. I favored it for the reason that it was not a notably sentimental track, and The Hip never essentially strike me as sentimental fellas. This track is a pleasure to engage in and as you can notify: we channel some of all those old tricks in this overall performance. Love.
Xo Max, Nick, Tim, Anthony, Mike D


Arkells accomplishing My Music At Operate, by The Tragically Hip, stay at WayHome Audio & Arts Festival.

Directed by Korey Schaefer.
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