I had a great evening out yesterday evening shooting with a group of employees from Pandora. I’ve been a huge fan of the online music service since very early on when they started up and it was fun to meet a number of their employees yesterday in person. I’ve discovered some great music using Pandora.

We met up at Jack London Square and then shot along the traintracks down in West Oakland ending up finally at Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon for a beer. Heinold’s is the oldest business in Oakland and the oldest bar in California. Jack London used to tend bar there back in the day.

Nice getting to meet you all from the Pandora team and they’ll be more photos of mine to follow down the road. To see my photos and others from the walk, check out the tag photowalking070709.

As an aside, I also participated in an interview with the Cameradojo Podcast last week. It was a great interview where I talked a lot about my workflow, my photography and especially about my goals, motivation and ambitions. If you want to check that photography podcast episode out you can get it here.

Posted by Thomas Hawk on 2009-07-08 19:59:52

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