There are plenty of music downloader free apps sites in the internet. Free music download application vary in user preferences. Discussed below are free music download apps for android.

  1. Google Play Music

Google play music downloader application accessed only by android users. It is a music streaming app and also allowing storing music for you to listen later while offline. Google play music offers both free services and subscription features. Free features include radio access in those countries that Google play music is active. It allows the user to store more than 50,000 songs in their music collection. It gives access to users to podcasts that give recommendations according to the taste of the user. Subscription features include a new family plan that allows a maximum of six members from a family to enjoy music at a very low cost. It also gives the user ability to download music to their devices and listen when they are offline.

  1. Free mp3 downloads

Free mp3 downloads is a music downloader that gives access to download and listen to songs that are licensed as free to be used. It allows the user to search for the song and then download it. It has an advantage as it can also be used as music player in your device. It is an mp3 music downloader that is available in multiple languages hence widening the scope of its users.

  1. 4 shared

4 shared is an online application used for sharing and storing files. It enables the user to copy and move files to their devices and allows sharing them with different people. 4 shared is very fast and convenient. It is very friendly to the user and allows them to interact easily with the app. Gives ability to manage your account from your device and even listen to music and watch videos directly from your device.

  1. Music download paradise

Music download paradise offers free music downloads to android users. It allows the user to search for ringtones and short sound clips and sound effects and also download them. Most free songs in this music downloader free app are protected by copyright. It has a very interactive interface that very easy to use as you search for what you want and download it is saved in the library hence finding it is very easy.

  1. Rockmyrun

Rockmyrun is a music downloader app that works to motivate people who exercise. It offers music mixes that are specially crafted to motivate anyone who is working out and determined to become fit. The music mixes are have consistent energy levels and tempo that helps you remain on toes during the work out sessions. You can even adjust the tempo to fit your tempo and match your goals and steps. Rockmyrun offers genres of music from a very wide variety and so it impossible to miss what you like. It offers suggested mixes according to you preference.

  1. Simple mp3 downloader

This is a free music downloads for android. It is a music downloader free app that is simple to use. As the name suggests it very easy as you just search for the song you want in the search button then you choose whether to listen to it directly by streaming or downloading to your device. It offers a wide section of section and therefore very exciting to use and enjoy.

  1. Music Maniac pro

This is a music downloader tool that allows users to get access to mp3 songs directly from the search engine. It is a music downloader free app that is very enjoyable. You just need to such for the song you need in the search engine from you device and then download. The music is saved in you library and you can easily manage it.

  1. Advanced download manager

This app offers free music downloads for androids. It is a music free app that enables the user to download up to three files simultaneously and offer background downloading, where you can continue with you work as downloads continue. It offers customized themes according to the user hence very appealing. It offers download boosts which enable downloads to move very fast.

  1. G tunes music downloader v6

This is a music downloader free mp3 app that makes music download easy to enjoy. It allows the user to preview the song and actually listen to it before downloading to make sure it is the correct one. It has a very enjoyable interface that appeals to the user.

  1. Mp3 music download

This is music downloader free mp3 app that provides millions of songs to users. The app offers recommendations to the hottest music through the chart based on the classification of the user. The searching ability is huge and can be able find any song that you need. The app also offers a manageable library that can be easily managed by the user.

  1. Wynk Music

Wynk music is a music downloader that offers a special niche for the Indian music. It offers over 2.6 million songs in the international music industry and the Indian music. So you guaranteed to enjoy whichever genre of music you want. Wynk music also offers a music player so you don’t have to download another music player on your device. You can also stream if you do not want to download directly.

  1. Super cloud song mp3 downloader

Super cloud song downloader is a music downloader app that enables user to download thousands of songs very fast and efficiently. Super cloud enables the user to see the album cover of the artiste whose song you are downloading. It enables streaming directly if not interested in downloading.

  1. Omega mp3 Download

This music downloader free tool that offers free music downloads and lets you listen to music directly by streaming before downloading it. It also enables you to play music in the back ground.

  1. Music mp3 download free copy left

This is a music downloader free tool that only helps access the user access songs that are licensed. However, you can download free music from many other artiste and album in the app.

It is therefore important that a user can should the best music downloader from the list discussed above, according to the specifications they have. All the free music downloads for android are different in their own way.