Black Gospel Music Genre Overview (2)

Gospel MusicMoody believed that hymn singing was some of the important components of a church service, an ideal means for worshippers to participate individually and as a group. Following the Second World War , gospel music moved into main auditoriums, and gospel music concert events became quite elaborate.

Praise and worship is a mixture of both modern and conventional gospel kinds, in that a reward chief has a small group of singers to assist lead the congregation into singing gospel music.

For occasion, Lara George (identified for her songs Dansaki” , Mu Mi Dele”, Ijoba Orun”, and so forth), Frank Edwards (Chicken Raid”, Terraplane Blues”, Sweet Man Blues”), and Sinach (Great Are You Lord”, From Glory to Glory”, I Know Who I Am”) and other gifted artists won numerous Nigerian and International music awards.

Many members of The Highway Q.C.’s would go on to have mainstream careers, but their legacies as gospel musicians went beyond Chicago.

Sankey served as Moody’s music director, soloist, and track author, and performed a reed organ at most services.

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