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My MusicI sympathize, and I’m very glad this individual had a backup of their music, however I wish to dispel some FUD here: Apple Music has definite problems and its matching algorithms aren’t nice, but that is merely not how the service works. There are now tons of musical instruments, Arduinos, and other USB gadgets that do not work with El Crapitan.

I’ve tried logging out of my accounts on all my gadgets and allowing Apple Music to rebuild itself.

As you proceed to scroll via this part, you will see your heavy rotation albums, artists, radio stations or playlists, and further suggestions primarily based in your music profile.

Ask them for their e-mail address as a way to continue to send them free music / concert updates / anything that isn’t spam!

Hopefully these are just rising/launching pains and never an indication that Apple Music goes down the properly-trodden path of failure that so many different providers” they have offered have.

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