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How to Care For Your Lawn For Better Performance

A glance is all you need to see if a lawn is healthy or not. These smooth lawns could be referred to as lush green carpets. One good thing about a beautiful lawn is that it is attractive and encourages the hosting of a lot of activities. Most of the people that own beautiful lawns have a few simple secrets that would work for you too. Understanding the tips below will help you get a healthy and beautiful lawn in a very short time. The basics herein include watering, soil setting, lawn shaving and mowing and last but not least how you feed and weed your lawn.

Planting a new lawn is just like any other adventure that could be so interesting if well done. Even though the method is important how good you do it is all that matters. Keep your soil of weeds and avoid lusty ruts. Soil compact and crusting over are some of the few things that can cause problems due to the bad lusty ruts. Testing the soil pH is one of the results of this problem but again a lot of people ignore it. This is commonly avoided by many people and the results are well known. The above discussed process can be singled out as soil setting.

Proper mowing should be done in this case too. When good mowing heights are observed a lot of benefits are bound to come a long too. Whenever you cut short your grass what you will be doing is simply stressing them. The best size to cut out is the top third portion of the grass. When the grass is a bit taller there is a great possibility that the root development will be enhanced. These taller grasses prevent much sun from reaching the weed seeds and therefore are not likely to grow. Nothing is right in saying that the shorter you cut your grass the more time you will have until the next cut. Most of the lost tissues will be replaced in the grass within a very short time.
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Another very important aspect of keeping a superb lawn is water. The best way to water it is by doing it at least once a week. Be sure to make the watering deep if you are going to do it once. Deep watering means the water should go to a larger extent of the soil from the top. A soaked soil will encourage the roots to grow deeper in the soil.
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Once in a while solid food is very necessary even if the lawn might be healthy. Spring and fall are the best times that these lawns can be fed by using fertilizers. Add dolomite lime too once after a few years.

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