Cigars, Harleys, and Country Music

Cigars, Harleys, and Country Music

Took this shot during a Knight Brothers concert at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Maryland. We were there for a BBQ festival and my dad was playing with the band. This gentleman’s entire composure just felt very photogenic so I walked to the front of the audience, sat on the end and waited for a moment that felt right.

I took this shot because I’m specifically trying to branch out and take more "people" photos. I’ve never felt very comfortable with portraits or using the human element, so I figured this was an excuse to learn something new, branch out beyond what I’m usually comfortable with. No better way to learn than try it and see what works.

Taken in color but I was planning for B&W when I took it. Processed with Nik’s Silver Efex Pro.

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Posted by jeffsmallwood on 2011-07-25 23:46:27

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