College Of Music (2)

New MusicDarkness is looming on the horizon: like an evening of hard drinking followed by Papaya King, fall’s inevitable. In addition to its curated program, Western Front New Music engages in co-productions with organizations reminiscent of Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, the New Orchestra Workshop Society, LIVE Biennial of Performance Art, Music on Main, PuSH International Performing Arts Festival, Roundhouse Community Centre, Sonic Presence, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Community Gamelan, and Vancouver New Music.

During her appearance on Seacrest’s show, Gaga commented on Joanne’s sonic identity, telling the previous American Idol host it is nonetheless a pop record, though she tried to shift away from crafting conventional pop music.

The music is a sequence of 53 modules: numbered linear fragments ranging in scope from a single word to an prolonged phrase (there’s exactly one in all these, Module 35); most are brief, oscillating sixteenth notice patterns.

Erm, no. Because a) that sounds garbage, and b) after releasing a trio of mixtapes, he is dropping his debut album proper, ‘32 Levels’, this Friday (July 15).

Not unexpectedly this revenue stream has now reduced and so in June 2016 the Trustees and Executive staff determined quickly to droop all grant-giving whilst they undertake a full review.

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