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Here Are Reasons Why You Are Losing Hair

Despite men being more prone to hair loss, this is something that worries both sexes. Nevertheless, it would be wise to know of various hair loss triggers. A mere deficiency in vitamins, or even something complex as underlying condition could be the culprit behind your continued hair loss. Fortunately, there are non-surgical hair growth techniques that go a long way in keeping hair loss at bay for both ladies and gentlemen. Talked about below are the possible reasons of your hair loss.

Temporary hair loss could actually happen after experiencing something traumatizing as a car accident. Traumas have been known a particular kind of loss called telogen effluvium. Hair growth is actually a cycle that is programmed in phases. Undergoing traumatic experiences meddles with these phases in a manner that shedding becomes inevitable. But all hope is not lost for the reason that hair starts growing as soon as the body is back to its normal self.

Hair loss could result from weight loss that has been hastened. Weight loss if not done properly actually stresses the body. Your body could become deficient in the event that your weight loss diet is not the best. A medical weight loss program however will ensure that you have a smooth sailing by perhaps using prescription appetite suppressants that keep your weight loss in check.
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Being vitamin B deficient can cause hair loss, though this is little known. But this is not a big issue in light of the fact that you will be good to go with some vitamin injections. Changing your diet to foods such as non-citrus fruits, fish, and meat will help since they are a good source of vitamin B, not to mention they are also natural hair restoration methods.
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An imbalance in male and female sex hormones could result in hair shedding as well. Androgen (male hormone) getting to high levels will likely cause diabetes, menstruation cycle alteration, ovarian cyst, and even loss of hair. Conditions such as poly cystic ovary syndrome are characterized by an excess of male hormones thus causing hair loss, but can be treated using low testosterone therapy.

Hypothyroidism refers to when your thyroid gland is under active. The thyroid gland is located in the neck area and plays a major role in metabolism and growth. Its dismal performance thus meddles with growth, but a medic will be in a position to know the cause after carrying out some tests. After your thyroid is up and running, hair growth should also be restored.

Hair loss is without a doubt stressing for many people. There is however light at the end of the tunnel since affordable hair restoration is nowadays accessible. The above discussed will help you know what is causing hair loss.

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