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Google MusicApple Music is a recent competitor within the music streaming sphere, launched on June 30, 2015. I get an error as I actually have some google credit, and it retains attempting to make use of it as a type of payment as a substitute of my credit card.

As clunky and complicated as it is, iTunes does offer cool features like smart playlists, not like the Google Play Music net app (at least not natively ). If you need to queue up all the songs you haven’t heard in a month, or all of the 5-star tracks you’ve got got from the 80s, then Apple Music is the service for you.

Google Play music simply beats Spotify and I’m so glad that it doesn’t depend on crummy desktop functions and runs in-browser (albeit using Flash).

Now open Google Play Music and start playing an All Access radio station or a track from the Play Music cloud service.

Beyond Google queries and enjoying music, Google Home can even flip off and on lights and control house thermostats through integrations with Nest and SmartThings.

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