Free Floating Music – Reflection (Full Album)

The swan song for my absolute favorite netlabel.

I am always looking for soothing music that can help me sleep, as well as foster creativity. Ever since I stumbled upon “Conception” in late 2011, Free Floating has been the first place I check for minimalistic, drifting ambient music; there isn’t a single album from the netlabel that doesn’t resonate with me, with several now firmly in my favorite ambient albums ever. At times it seemed like the netlabel was made specifically with me in mind…that’s how closely its music spoke to me.

As such, I was heartbroken to hear that Brad, Free Floating’s curator, would be bringing things to an end this summer. There’s a sense of finality in this compilation (even going by the track names alone), but the lovely thing about free music on the internet is that, like outer space, it’s out there forever for us to explore to our heart’s content. Keeping that in mind, this isn’t so much a goodbye as it is an invitation: an invitation to further delve into music that is endless in both heart and soul.

My sincere thanks to Brad and all the artists who made Free Floating the finest source of ambient music on the internet.

Genre: Ambient, Space Music, Drone

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1. Christopher Sisk – In Dense Fog 0:00
2. Tonepoet & Wings Of An Angel – A Requiem for Dead Strangers 8:52
3. Mirror of Dreams – Afterglow 19:02
4. Simon Wilkinson – Parallax Frequency Shift 28:40
5. Cryptic Scenery – The Placid Disappearance 39:51
6. Bing Satellites – Sunrise, South London, June 2016 47:43
7. The Synthetic Awakening – Au Revoir Old Friend 56:53
8. Phillip Wilkerson – The Last Day Here 1:02:53
9. Bill Baxter – Sunflowers and Soundwaves 1:09:09
10. Michael Meara – Looking Back 1:17:57
11. Christian Fiesel – Beyond the Silence 1:27:57
12. SiJ – Floating Clouds 1:34:26
13. Altus – Until We Meet Again 1:42:34
14. Chris Russell – Refraction 1:51:10
15. Boris Lelong – Reflected 1:57:02
16. The Great Schizm – The Familiar Scent of Forever 2:05:38
17. M.Persson:Sounds – Nemuru 2:10:10
18. C.paradisi – Never to Return 2:20:25



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