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You must often hear songs, right? Both current popular songs or songs that have long been circulating, as well as classic songs.There are pop, rock, jazz, Latin, and many more. All songs or pieces of music that you have ever listened to are musical compositions. Musical composition is an original work or a new piece of music in the form of instruments or vocals. Or a process in creating or writing new musical pieces.

The term composition itself comes from German Kompensieren which was coined by a German poet named Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832) which means a way of composing music in which one voice which becomes the main sound (lead) will be followed by other sounds that are composed, coordinated, arranged, and assembled according to the main sound. People who create musical compositions are called composers. A composer who creates a song is also known as a songwriter or songwriter. And the people who compose the songs are called lyricists.

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Music Composition in Classical Music

For those of you who have heard the names Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, or others, you may be familiar with classical music. Yes, that’s right, the names above are maestros of classical music who are timeless. They are excellent composers where they create a beautiful musical composition. In classical music, usually, a composer writes a complete section by section and pours it into sheet music.

This music sheet is used by them in the process of making songs from start to finish. After the composition is complete, usually the musical notation is added according to the required musical instrument. In this music sheet, the tempo, measure of time, complete notation are usually written, to make a music sheet for each musical instrument played.

So classical musicians usually write in as much detail as possible, starting from making compositions and pouring them into a music sheet then also thinking about how the orchestration is.

Orchestration is choosing what instruments are needed to play the compositions it creates in an orchestra, also the placement of the melodies that must be played by certain instruments in the orchestra, and other details.

Modern Music Composition

Whereas in modern music, the process can be simpler. Because it is possible for a songwriter to hire the services of a composer to beautify the song and the composer who is hired is the one who puts it in the music sheet. Or often it happens in modern musical composition, the songwriter does not write the composition of the music at all.  Only rely on memory then recorded. Then from the recording then transferred to the music sheet. Sheet music used in modern musical compositions usually includes the chords played, the measure of time, and the vocal notation of the song composition.

So if it is interpreted briefly, the difference between classical and modern music compositions is that in classical music composition, the recording is usually structured and detailed. Whereas in modern music composition the process of composing a piece of music is more flexible and adapts to the conditions of the creator The equation is that either classical or modern music compositions can be produced and poured into sheet music (which can be found at which is useful for other musicians to study the composition or song. So suppose you want to study composition in this technological era you can read it digitally.

Then you can see or read the sheet music of the song so that your understanding of and understanding of work can be clearer and according to the rules the creator wants.

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