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Gospel MusicPower Hour creates one tight 60-minute set from a musician’s discography or a style, picking both massive hits and deeper cuts. Gospel music and the flexibility to sing it have been unfold by the agricultural singing-school tradition, which trusted itinerant music lecturers.

African-American Austinite Virgie DeWitty directed the Bright and Early Choir radio program on the Texas Quality Network from 1938 to 1940 and subsequently wrote more than 100 spirituals, anthems, and gospel songs, especially 4-part harmony for choirs.

Is revealed in the spring and fall of every yr and contains articles concerning the philosophy, aesthetics, history, and criticism of black music.

The organ remained a outstanding feature of the music of some church buildings that had been established on this custom.

He serves as an elder at First Presbyterian Church in Griffin, GA and is Operations Manager for the successful Gospel Music Radio Network, JOY-FM, in Winston-Salem, NC.

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