Honoring Von Freeman

Please sign up for me this Wed night at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago for a tribute to Von Freeman. I will be joined by a stellar solid of Chicago’s very best, which include Willie Pickens, Eric Schneider, Brad Goode, Larry Kohut & Robert Shy. I will be honored to share the phase with some of Vonski’s favored singers aka his “Darlin’s” which include Joanie Pallatto, Jennifer Graham, Catherine Whitney, Betty Reynolds, Margaret Murphy-Webb, Dorothy Lyles and Charlotte Foster. We will have 2 sets eight & ten pm
Enjoy a FREE mp3 download of “Will come Like” from my very first album featuring Vonski – solitairemiles.bandcamp.com/keep track of/arrives-like

Posted by Solitaire Miles on 2012-ten-08 sixteen:31:27