Hour and a half of Country Gospel Music

24 Country Gospel Songs sung from the Wings of Faith Country Gospel group.

Song names and times:

0:00 “Silver Wings”
3:59 “Jesus, Hold My Hand”
8:07 “Mama’s Church” (Version 2)
10:57 “I’m So Glad”
14:26 “Weddings Banquet”
18:56 “I Love You My Jesus”
23:21 “Hand In Hand”
26:56 “Wings Of Faith” (Version 2)
30:26 “He’s In The Midst”
34:22 “There’s A River”
39:03 “He Did It For You”
42:27 “I’m Not Alone”
46:18 “Thank You Master”
51:20 “Mama’s Church” (Version 1)
53:57 “Travelling On”
56:46 “The Anchor Holds”
1:02:21 “A Love I Didn’t Choose” (Version 2)
1:07:14 “Father We Need You” (Version 2)
1:10:45 “Little Ways”
1:13:40 “Why Me Lord”
1:16:47 “He Touched Me”
1:19:40 “The Love I Didn’t Choose” (Version 1)
1:24:00 “Wings Of Faith” (Version 1)
1:26:32 “We Need You Father” (Version 1)

A video of my Grandmother’s music who passed away in February 2015, along with her brother, who is also deceased. I made this as a tribute to them to share their music with everyone, so thanks for watching and listening. These songs were made between the years 1999 and 2000 as two separate CDs. Some themes used in the video were outsourced for the music. Also some of the songs are well known hymns, others are original material.

Recently I’ve come to realize that one of the statements in the description I made can’t be guaranteed about how they made the cds to donate to charity. it appears that I may have made a false assumption. Sorry for any miss info, as I assumed that they did. I did so because I thought that I read it on one of the CD inserts that the proceeds went to charity. I’ve recently read them again and found no statement, but I can’t be 100% sure. Again this is an error on my part.


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