How I “Made It” In The Music Industry

My MusicI am surprised at individuals trying to rationale Apples wrongdoing by pointing at Google and bringing some loopy examples. Some of my most infuriating computing experiences EVER have come from attempting to organise and entry my (admittedly vast) music library through iTunes on Mac.

Subscribers are suggested that common roaming expenses shall be relevant for the use of the Music Services via roaming services.

Another large half probably comes from the fact Apple has hundreds of tens of millions of legacy customers that purchased/ripped digital music over the past 14 years.

Then every time I performed a song by the Google Music app, it downloaded it once more to a unique folder fairly than taking part in it directly from the prevailing Music folder on my Android device.

The drawback is that there is no impetus for Apple to fix it (i.e. any aggressive Music administration system).

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