How To Book A Professional Dance Band For Your Corporate Event

There are so many variables regarding music and entertainment that you may not want to even be the one to pick who sings for your event. If you’re into hip-hop, modern pop selections and the masses in your corporation are big band era boogie dancers, you might need a professional consultation about who to hire. Or consider you’ve spent a lifetime listening to rag-time, and now you have 300 employees under 30 to plan an event for? WOW! What a deal.

Best advice… Hire a professional.

Now, I’m not going to recommend you hire one of those staid and selective event planners who shows up with big hair, great nails, and a pedicure with poodles attached, but what about a pianist who understands the need to focus on popular music selections for those who will be in your crowd?

Or perhaps a musician who knows how big an impact the right band, the right music, and the best selections can have on the audience?

There are five basic steps required to hire a great band for your corporate event:

1. Find a professional who understands the value of having the right band for your event, perform great musical selections.

2. Review online music videos and audios until you’re satisfied that you’ve got the right band.

3. Review contracts, schedules, and any alternative options or requirements for the band you select.

You’ll want to know if they bring their own equipment or if you have to provide rented equipment. How will they travel to your location? Where will they stay while on location? Are you providing lodging, food, etc. or do they provide their own? Negotiating these little details may seem unimportant until your band arrives, tired, disheveled and frustrated that you didn’t get them a room.

4. Make sure there are guarantees with your contracts before money exchanges hands.

5. Payment for said band and equipment. All negotiations are off once the band is paid for. Your guarantees need to be in place prior to the final payment.

When it’s all said and done, the quality of your event is based on the impact the band and entertainment have on the final night. If everyone leaves the event frustrated because the music selection didn’t include their favorite version of Heartbreak, or the lead singer couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and she destroyed the bosses favorite rendition of “You Make Me Feel” – your job may be on the line.

Don’t flub this up, hire a master!

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