How to Get Rich as a Cartoon Animator

I was a professional animator and animation director for television sequence and big motion shots for thirty decades and I was the Instructor of Character Animation for the Freshman course of Cal Arts for a pair of decades. As an impartial producer of animated films I adopted my muse and built award winning* animated music videos. So I have some experience in the Animation Industry.

My students at Cal Arts would at times request how just one gets wealthy as an animator. Again in the 2nd Golden Age of Animation newspapers reported that Disney animator Glen Keane built a million bucks and the students came to believe that this was the going rate. I pointed out that Glen Keane’s wage built the news for the reason that it was the exception, not the rule. Also, the papers did not give specifics. The million could have been a probable if the films he worked on turned extremely worthwhile, he might have been offered royalties and his million might take the rest of his lifetime to accrue. It built a major perception on the students by no means the a lot less so I attempted to answer their question of how to get wealthy in animation.

The quick, simple answer is you will not. Once again, Glen Keane was an extremely rare instance and very, very several persons will ever attain his position. He rose to the leading of his subject when the subject was blossoming into what turned acknowledged as “The 2nd Golden Age of Animation” and was all through the financial growth time of the 1990s. Like the very good previous instances of the Clinton decades, the Animation Industry in America is long gone for pen and pencil artists but I did create a approach to give the students back again then that I would however advise currently.

To get wealthy in the subject of Animation just one will have to individual a character that gets a “star”. Be sure to see, I explained “individual” and not “make” considering the fact that there is a not as well refined variance. Most of the famous and profitable animation legends we don’t forget from our youth did not in fact make their signature figures but employed a designer to do it for them. Does any individual don’t forget who in fact created the character of Fred Flintstone for Hanna- Barbera?

Very first, you want to have a character with “star” probable which signifies a exceptional enough notion that is quickly identifiable. An instance might be my previous Cal Arts student’s creation for Nickelodeon Studios, Dexter of Dexter’s Lab. Acquire just one quick glance at him and you can immediately convey to he is a “baby scientist”. Or a different student’s exhibit, The Electricity Puff Women who are tremendous heroes that are in Kindergarten. In each of these cases they took a simple character a tiny boy and three tiny women, and gave them “work” usually belonging only to grown ups scientist and tremendous heroes. Quickly understandable and amusing. It is also extremely vital that these figures are of very simple graphic style and design, simple to animate, simple to acknowledge at a distance and simple to print on to a Satisfied Meal cup.

In the earth of animated songs video, the studio that developed Paula Abdul’s cartoon costar, MC Scat Kat attempted to catapult him into his individual cartoon exhibit. The endeavor wasn’t profitable but they experienced the correct strategy. Far more generally it is really the live motion musicians who get their individual cartoon displays when turned into animated figures themselves.

Again to the approach. Secondly, will not even test to pitch your new character to animation producers, they pay back very good money to have staff operating in nine to five work to arrive up with exhibit strategies, they’re not going to purchase just one from off the avenue. The finest you may get is a exhibit that appears amazingly like yours coming out a year right after you pitched it and had been advised, “Many thanks, but no many thanks.”

So, what do you do? You do what a professional would do if you in reality did have a exhibit. You would make merchandise centered on your character and market it as numerous methods as you could. You could get started by publishing a little children’s e-book starring your character, print up copies and give those people copies away for totally free to just about every daycare center, pediatrician’s waiting around place, pediatric dentist’s waiting around place, grammar school library and anyplace young small children are offered publications to share. This way you “test market place” your character and when you then take T shirts, other articles or blog posts of outfits, toys, lunch containers and regardless of what other merchandise and products on which you can print your character’s likeness to the neighborhood children’s outfits boutiques you can declare that just about every kid in the metropolis already understands, and hopefully enjoys, your character. Of program, you’ve got also included a web page tackle in all the publications from which the dad and mom can purchase much more products right. With sites like Cafe Push it isn’t really even needed to create these products your self. It can be finished on desire with no up front fees at all.

Absolutely sure, beside the talent essential to make your star and compose and illustrate his adventures you may have to bust your hump distributing your freebies, soliciting distributors and collecting regardless of what moneys are owed to you which is about a fifty percent dozen separate comprehensive time work, but as soon as your character proves his electric power as a solution spokesman, or spokeswoman, or spokesturtle or spokesrabbit or regardless of what it is, television producers will arrive to you. Think of a cartoon exhibit as just a different income stream for your character, and just one of the final.

* The Gold Plaque in Music Video from the Chicago Intercontinental Film Competition