I thought I was listening to music on my iPod, but what I got is Sarah Palin telling me why I should vote for her in 2012… did I end up in Alaska somehow?

Note: apparently because of the caption I chose for this photo, it got picked up and published as an illustration for an undated (Feb 2010) Squidoo Who blog titled "Who Is Todd Palin? " Who cares? In addition, a tightly cropped version of the photo was published in an Apr 8, 2010 blog titled "Woman with Dark Tights and MP3," which I was only able to track down with the helpful assistance of @guardino on Twitter… It was also published in an Oct 6, 2010 17Sleeve blog , with the same title and notes as what I had written on this Flickr page. It was also published in an undated (late Nov 2010) Top Music Videos blog titled "tSelecting Music for Healing and Wellness."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Mar 17, 2011 blog titled "Some Tips When You Download Music To Ipod Touch." It was also published in a Sep 14, 2011 blog titled "Writing Music Review: Time to Show Creative Approach."

Moving into 2013, the photo was published in an undated (mid-Oct 2013) blog titled "8 Awesome Girl Rock Songs You Must Hear."


This is a continuation of a set that I created in 2009 (shown here ) and 2008 (shown here ) to show a variety of scenes and people in the small park known as Verdi Square, located at 72nd Street and Broadway in New York City’s Upper West Side.

Posted by Ed Yourdon on 2010-01-25 13:21:22

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