“Imagine” As One Of The Songs For Fingerstyle Guitar Covers

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“Imagine” is a song with a strong melody, which became a powerful hit in many countries. Some people even think that it is more powerful than everything that John Lennon wrote in Beatles. Anyway, the song is a great theme for fingerstyle guitar covers.

The strong but ambiguous lyrics

In the book “Lennon in America”, Jeffrey Giliano called the song an “anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conservative, anti-capitalist.” However, the reaction to it was good, because the song is sweet enough. Anyway, in the US, not everyone was delighted with the song, because even Lennon himself called the song “a communist manifesto.” To this day, there are people who accuse the musician of trying to undermine the foundations of society.

The lifestyle of John was very different from what he drew in “Imagine”. It differed so much that it became an occasion for numerous jokes. It doesn’t matter, because the song became the anthem of more than one generation. Let there be no new ideas in it, let it be naive, let the thoughts expressed in it contradict the views of the absolute majority of the population of the planet – the song is above any criticism. The melody is powerful and great for musicians. Despite the piano origin, it is good for fingerstyle guitar covers online. It is in the halls of fame rock and roll and Grammy and also ranked third in the list of the five hundred greatest songs of all time, compiled by the magazine Rolling Stone. The song personifies hope for the best.

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