Important Moments That Cannot Escape from The Eyes of Wedding Photographers!

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and must be grateful. Therefore, many couples didn’t hesitate to spend money to capture in the picture sheet containing the most beautiful moments to be remembered back in old age later.

For that, it takes a team of a photographer who always ready to catch every moment that occurs during the pronunciation ceremony.

To ensure all moments are enshrined in the wedding shots with the best results, here are 6 important moments that should not escape the eyes of wedding photographers!

  1. Wedding Promise Ceremony

In a marriage, marriage ceremony, or pronunciation of the sacred vows of marriage is the most important ceremony. Without him, the couple cannot be legally spelled. This ceremony is usually performed in the house of worship according to the religion of the couple. Typically, the marriage ceremony takes place in the Mosque or the bride’s home for Muslim couples, Churches for Christian/Catholic couples, and Buddhist temples for Buddhist temples.

Well, this is one of the crucial moments that marriage photographers cannot miss. Surely, you want to remember the moment of the legalization of this husband and wife status in the old days, right?

  1. Moment of Bride Toward the Guard

The moment of the bride walking to the wedding or so-called wedding walk would be a moment that will not be forgotten. The emotion of feeling up to the joy of mixing in each step traced.

Depending on, there is a wedding walk traced by the bride and groom, the bride accompanied by her father, or the bride walking alone toward the altar where the groom has been waiting.

  1. Wedding Kiss & Cake Cutting

In addition to the important moments mentioned earlier, there are special and sweet moments that cannot be separated from the wedding event anywhere. Yes, wedding kiss! For the first time in a husband and wife bond, the groom will give a sign of love through a kiss for the bride. In addition, the moment of wedding cake cutting is also an important ritual to be immortalized.

  1. Moment to the Bride’s Parent

A marriage is a symbol of the early gates facing a new life. Simultaneously, marriage is also a moment that symbolizes the separation of the parents of each partner. This moment is shrouded in a blue emotion that is not uncommon to make both bridegrooms and both pairs of parents shed tears of happiness. For wedding photographers, of course, this moment should not be missed!

  1. Flower Throwing Moment

Sharing happiness with friends and family is one of the goals of weddings. One of the rituals in sharing this happiness is with a flower throwing moment. The happy face of the couple and friends who are ready to catch the flower throws must be a soft meal for wedding photographers.

  1. Candidate Moments of the Second Bride

Every second at your wedding is a must to immortalize, regardless of all the sacred moments that must be lived. Natural images such as candid expressions and the happy laughter of the bride in the middle of the show will be a precious moment to be seen again decades later.

Make sure the wedding photographer you use captures all the moments that you should not miss. Of course, you don’t want the image taken is not maximal, right? For that, use the services of professional wedding photographers and have high flying hours in their field.