Inna – Gimme Gimme

Inna - Gimme Gimme

Inna – Gimme Gimme
Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (born 16 October 1986), known professionally as Inna, is a Romanian singer and songwriter. Born in Mangalia and raised in Neptun, she studied political science at Ovidius University before meeting Romanian trio Play & Win and pursuing a music career. Inna adopted the stage name "Alessandra" in 2008 and adopted a pop-rock style; later that year, she changed her stage name to "Inna" and began releasing house music. "Hot" (2008), her debut single, was a commercial success worldwide and topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart. She signed with Ultra Records in April 2009. Her studio album of the same name followed in August 2009, and was certified Gold and Platinum.
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