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My MusicWe know, the FMA is a great useful resource for all sorts of individuals – filmmakers, remix artists, people who wanna hear unusual new sounds – but we have been getting a LOT of messages recently from confused individuals about whether or not they can use X tune in Y video. Now it looks as if Apple Music has extended the tentacles of their dangerous report on providers to do actual injury.

At least strive once extra when iOS 9 and OS X El Capital are RTM and Apple Music begin charging money for the service.

About 20% of my albums don’t present up within the list of albums (or by Artist) regardless that they are shown within the listing of Songs; from there they play appropriately, and so they have the right Artist and Album title.

Also, maintain an eye out for warm music hashtags like #MusicMonday and #NewMusicFriday when operating your band’s twitter account for added publicity.

After listening to horror tales like this one (not just this article), there is not any method I’m enabling the cloud functionality so I can localize any music I haven’t actively bought.

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