Various things can be done to appreciate the art of music one of them is to be a singer, a musician and a music teacher. One example is the simplest form by being marked by a number of street musicians, be it a street musician elite eg artist who works as a professional musician as well as lower-class street musicians who in this case are usually found around traffic lights or other public places. Kind of street musicians in traffic lights are very varied kind which include the type of individual or group of street musicians. His age was relatively varied as well, from the start of children and adults were observed. Which has a group of street musicians, currently attracting public attention because of the street pianos music they use, they collaborate between the players of the other players that produce sound combination that is very nice to hear.

Unlike the guitar, the piano was originally a tool that is rarely played by the middle class. Premium prices made king of this instrument is rarely encountered in simple household. Especially in the villages, the piano is rarely seen available. By itself, only certain children who can access to learn to play the piano.

But since the birth of portable piano-like keyboard arranger keyboards are cheap and easily obtained, enthusiasts playing piano / keyboard is increasing. Even the existence of an acoustic piano no longer dominates. Digital pianos, keyboards, and even virtual instrument has been able to defeat. Or rather, each segment now find themselves.

An analogy can be used are cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Each is a means of transportation, it is now each has its own segment. Acoustic pianos, digital, keyboard, and virtual instrument will not cannibalize each other, but there will be a point of equilibrium in the market. Interests, purchasing power, and the need for music education which will also determine the needs of each of the instrument.

After the inaccessibility of musical instruments “piano”, would the village children can be a luxury to learn this instrument like a guitar?. If we see, the street children who play, could have a solid rhythm, and without complicated theories that they are able to play songs that are preoccupied with the guitar. Habit musical style “street musician” is the real place to be developed.

In the language of piano pedagogy, how to play the piano with an approach based on the chord (chord-based approach) is a simple but conceptually to learn on their own. With just memorize three basic chords C, F, G, C or chord scales I, IV, V at all scales, basically a novice street pianist can play the majority of the existing pop songs.

With the combination of plays bass in the left hand, and the three major chord in the right hand, we were able to make a novice suddenly play the piano like a professional.