music is my first love ….

music is my first love ....

Im taking no religion
No religions taking me
Now theres only one thing
And this one thing that sets me free
Listening to my music
The escape to keep me sane
With an overloaded bass-line
Which goes straight to my brain
I push up on the volume
Till its crystal clear and loud
My body starts to tingle
Just by listening to the sound
Nothing else can do the same
It hits the spot so fast
Music is my first love
People will always be my last
Cant explain the freedom
And the feeling from the bass
Something just comes over me
Which nothing can replace
You tune in you close your eyes
Im living in a dream
Hypnotised by something
You heard but never seen
The rhythem is a mystery
The magic i can tell
The boost the bass
The meldoy just gets me in the spell
Some loves in life will come and go
But one will never pass
Cuz music is my first love
People will always be my last

Posted by ♡~Kelly~♡ on 2013-08-19 09:55:14


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