Google MusicIf you have the precise things, you may obtain Google Music content to an SD card in your Android smartphone or tablet. If I’m proper, Apple Music has a one hundred,000 music limit for songs added to your ‘My Music Library’, not downloaded.

Because every part Google says about it, from the preliminary setup to the FAQs pertaining to it, say that members of the family can make purchases on the Play Store with out approval.

I’m unsure what you are asking for #2, since it’s an all-entry” deal, however when you’re asking whether or not songs you have uploaded, or which might be in your playlists, might be given to family members, then I imagine the answer is not any. Again, I think the accounts are treated as separate accounts, apart from billing.

I don’t suppose so. When signing up, it makes it pretty clear that Google is using this as a deterrent to just handing out invitations, for the reason that Family Manager” might be chargeable for purchases made by household” members.

Radiant Player , for instance, has allowed you to entry comparable performance for Google Play Music on Mac since 2014 We discovered that the brand new Google Play Music Desktop Player was a bit more straightforward, so you may choose it, although both are good.

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