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My MusicI am shocked at folks attempting to rationale Apples wrongdoing by pointing at Google and bringing some loopy examples. I cannot wait until they’ll edit your recollections out of your mind and retailer them on the cloud, you realize for extra capability and safer recall.

Make sure your music files are one of many supported file varieties: MP3, M4A, or WMA unprotected.

I assume it is best to be capable of add songs to Apple music from the iTunes retailer (having two places to look music is fucking silly) however other than that it is so much better than spotify and the human curation has really opened up a world of music to me. I do hope they simplify it though.

This way, if Apple Music or other app changes your music file, you will always have the unique file to retrieve.

I want I might program for iOS, I actually assume there’s a marketplace for a jukebox type app that performs complete albums uninterrupted.

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