My Music Vintage Room Tour

This is my vintage room with 4 receivers, 2 Turntables and 3 cd players.
In the room you can see one receiver Pioneer SX-950, one Pioneer SX-850, two Marantz receivers 2270, two pairs of Polk Audio TSX220B and a pair of Kef Carlton III.
One turntable Pioneer PL-530 and one turntable Marantz 6300. One Pioneer cd player PD-7300, a Marantz CD-63mkII and Marantz CD5005.
In the wall you can see Iron Maiden, Metallica, David Coverdale, Accept, Slayer, Dio, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Manowar,…
Enjoy it with Y. Malmsteen – “Crying”
Sound: Pioneer SX-950 with Pioneer PD-7300 and Polk Audio TSX220B.
In the other video you also can see my main system (my favorite); A Sansui 9090, a pair of Polk Audio TSX 550T, a Pioneer PD S901 and a Pioneer PLX-1000.


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