My Passion Has No Voice

My Passion Has No Voice

Photo illustration for a poem I wrote. Alternate version here:

My passion has no voice
But every night she cries
She weeps beneath her idols
Then turns her back and dies.

My dreaming has no fountain
And yet it fills the day
Drowning all my scruples
And cleansing my decay

My music has no marrow
It wears a phantom’s clothes
And everyone that’s touched it
Tells legends of its ghost

My anguish has no lesion
No bruise on which to blame
This constant and irrational
Subscription to the pain

My art has no intention
It is an antique horse
That binds me to its beauty
And drags me to discourse

And all that which designs me
Inside your pious gaze
Is but a fleck of sunlight
Seeping through my endless maze.

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Posted by Leah Johnston on 2009-06-26 16:42:11

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