New Music Festival

New MusicReich can be in residence to work with Bienen pupil ensembles and composers and attend a concert of his music. Their debut album ‘A Dream Outside’ (out this week) is a sweet indie deal with that’ll slip down easily.

And this week the young Londoner also celebrates the physical release of his EP, ‘The Chicken and the Egg’.

We’d heard a few tracks already but turns out there’s 15 on the record so you’ll hear a couple of of those via the week.

In 2012, recently graduated from a music diploma and confronted with a crumbling music business, Musa began Spring King as a hands-on solo mission at his mum’s house.

Funding for a single music is on the market for up to $8,000 in direction of a combination of recording prices, making a music video or visible representation for the tune, and promotion costs for getting the tune observed.

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