New Music Reviews, News & Interviews (2)

New MusicPendulum, now in its fifteenth season, presents a few of CU’s best performers from all departments, premiering original music of CU composers. Word goes that debut album ‘Dancing with Bad Grammar’ (out on August 29) was recorded at Hackney’s Urchin Studios in every week.

Each of the taking part composers can have his/her new work premiered on the final concert events of the New Music On The Point Festival.

When we are lucky, we make some music out of our words, out of our freedom, out of our very perplexities….

Western Front New Music promotes modern music via its curated program of live shows, residencies, commissions, recordings, touring initiatives, outreach presentations and critical commentary.

Last 12 months, Apple Music launched alongside a redesigned Music app on iOS, and let’s simply be honest: the app was horrible.

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