Now I Can Finally Listen To My Music While Getting A Haircut

My MusicWe know, the FMA is a superb useful resource for all kinds of individuals – filmmakers, remix artists, people who wanna hear unusual new sounds – but we have been getting a LOT of messages these days from confused people about whether or not they will use X song in Y video. Apple Music is all about rented music, while iTunes Match is about cloud storage and syncing of music you own.

For those which might be unfamiliar, it makes all of your music in your main machine obtainable from the cloud for a small yearly payment (25$?).

Cue, Iovine, Dre, Reznor and everyone else involved ought to be fired – they’ve decimated Apple’s music pedigree in a single fell swoop.

Apple’s pushing of everyone into the cloud has me switching to Android in a few months once I move.

Most of the music I bought will not seem on my telephone, I see them on my pc but they won’t sync unto my cellphone.

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