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Google MusicIf you aren’t seeing this button but, then i assume it hasn’t rolled out to you (or your area or whatever) yet. The Google Play store could be a bit prettier however we’ve no complaints of any real sort here.

In an effort to compete with the likes of iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora, Google has come out full drive with new label partnerships that include Universal and Sony.

Google Play Music Standard Free: Store up to 50,000 of your individual songs in your locker, entry your music anywhere without syncing, experience music with out adverts, and purchase new music.

There might not be the most important store but, given that you could add any of your individual tracks – from wherever you happened to purchase them – perhaps that doesn’t really matter.

Due to the massive measurement of our music streaming comparability table, we are putting it on a separate page so you’ll be able to reference it extra easily.

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