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The Essential Components of a Fire-Starting Kit

While the modern world seems to be one in which people are living more and more in highly-developed places, you’ll find that there are still situations where you might find yourself dealing with a survival situation in the wilderness. When you decide to head out into the wilderness, you’ll find that it’s quite possible that you’ll need to find a way to survive.

More than anything else, your overall survival will come down to how easily you can get a fire going. In the article below, we’ll go over the essential elements to have in any fire-starting kit that you purchase.

Although most people think of building a survival fire by striking a rock against a piece of flint or turning a stick into a pile of tinder, the truth is that these types of fire-building methods are not that effective and can end up taking up more time than you’d like. When you’re in any kind of survival situation, you don’t want to waste precious minutes trying to get your fire started. If you really want to be able to get a fire started quickly, having a great waterproof match case will likely be the best option around. No matter what type of situation you might find yourself in, you can be sure that your waterproof matches will be able to help you get a fire going.
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You’ll also need to make sure that you’re using great tinder whenever you’re trying to build up a fire. Anyone who has some experience in building fires will know that you can’t just try to directly light a few logs and hope for a blaze. Any good fire will be much more likely when you have a wide variety of tiny flammable items sitting in a pile. This means that you need to be able to keep a couple bags of tinder in any fire starting kit that you build. You’ll often want to have a mix of leaves, pine needles, and old newspapers when collecting tinder. With these types of tinder in your kit, you can be certain to get a blazing hot fire in minutes.
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If you can start a fire, you shouldn’t find it nearly as difficult to be able to get out of a dangerous survival situation. By taking the time to really find a fire starting kit that is both highly portable and very effective at getting you a hot fire, there is no doubt that your chances of survival will be much higher. Once you start searching around online for the best fire starter kits, you’ll be able to make a confident purchase without much effort.

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