OneDrive Music FAQ And Troubleshooting Information (3)

My MusicWhether they’re singing along with Curious George’s theme tune or asking you to turn up a well-liked music on the automobile radio, kids love music. Real producers and real music lovers use their ears, their senses, and their humanity to choose what sounds best to them at that second.

That is sensible, as I have a single Apple Music subscription they usually’re good sufficient to ensure I’m not utilizing it twice on the identical time.

When I open MY MUSIC I get a picture of some girl staring wistfully into the distance (presumably questioning where the fck her music has gone too).

Careful there, the iPhone is also a smartphone, and I do not know of a method of getting music onto it without iTunes.

The only reason I’m using Apple Music is as a result of it lets me access my own music and streamed music in the identical place.

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