Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Marketing? This May Help

4 Ways Your Brand Benefits from a Sound Experiential Marketing Campaign

The main goal of experiential marketing is to provide your target customer with an amazing tangible experience. By giving your customers the opportunity of a direct brand experience, you not only increase awareness of your product in a fun way, but also create the chance for a long-term relationship.

If you are organizing an event or marketing campaign for your company, you must be aware of the need for a high level of engagement with consumers. And could there be a more effective way to drive social engagement than giving the consumers a fun, interactive brand experience? The following are four of the top reasons why your brand will benefit immensely from a creatively designed experiential marketing campaign:

Increasing brand/product awareness
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Marketing? This May Help

Increasing brand or product awareness is the priority for many marketing campaigns. A professional experiential agency will design a number of strategies to get people to notice your brand, such as giving away branded merchandise. If you wanted customers to directly test your product, you would for example set up a social vending machine, where customers can get free samples. The goal is to get customers talking and spreading awareness about your product through positive word of mouth.
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More memorable

Experiential marketing makes use of creativity to make some memorable experiences with target customers. A cool example is Adidas’ ‘jump with D Rose’ challenge which offered participants the opportunity to win free trainers by jumping very high to reach for them. It turned out to be an exciting and memorable experience for those who took part. By engaging your consumers through a fun challenge of some kind, you can be sure that they will remember your brand for some time to come. It’s also possible that you’ll build an emotional connection with the customer, leading to brand loyalty and ultimately more sales in the long-term.

Learning experience

Engaging target customers in a live event provides a great learning experience for both your company and the consumer. The consumer has the opportunity to interact with your product and ask questions directly. In that way, they not only learn about how your product works, but also about your company and its values. As for your company, this would be a good opportunity to get some direct feedback. Through the feedback, you learn more about customer preferences, which is an important part of improving your offering.

Better ROI

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, experiential marketing strategies can lead to more sales and thus higher ROI. This is because creatively designed campaigns can attract a lot of publicity. Thanks to free media coverage, a lot of social buzz and brand awareness is generated without having to push the product in the faces of your customers.

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