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Diesel:U:Music stage at Summer Sonic Festival. Fresh from the two hot dates of Berlin and New York, the Diesel:U:Music World Tour gathered more pace last week on 7th August in Tokyo at Summer Sonic Festival, a mega annual three-day rock festival in Japan held at the same time in Tokyo and Osaka which was in its 10th edition this year: over 185 artists joined this time, Beyonce, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance who drew about 300,000 audience.
Diesel had its own Diesel:U:Music stage at the event, letting HEARTSREVOLUTION and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! off the leash a third time to shock and awe in equal measure. Keeping the vibe on-brand, Japanese D:U:M Selection AMWE, one of the most promising upcoming talents in Japan, was always on show, and the whole shebang have been seen out in style by the electro-kings of bangers-and-mashup, 2ManyDJs.


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giant music notes, edible

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Khmer Romvong 003 | Khmer Song | karaoke music online

Khmer Romvong 003 | Khmer Song | karaoke music online ===================================================== My channel assemble by khmer …

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[MP3 Download] Shatta Wale – Bday Skits

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The Voyager Golden Records | Music Notes from Reverb.com | Ep. #2

The Voyager 1 spacecraft was sent into space in 1977. On board are a set of Golden Records that are meant to represent humanity to any extraterrestrial that encounters them. Joe talks about the records, what’s on them, and why it’s amazing. Grab a cup of coffee and learn a little something.

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New Age B Interest (New Age Royalty-Free Music)

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Pepper Releases New Music

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