Relaxing Piano Music | new age music, royalty free music by Gabriele Tosi

Relaxing piano music, new age music in HD quality by Gabriele Tosi. LIVE performance with some piano songs played during a concert at the “theatre Marcello” in Rome. A best piano selection to relax

01 – Andromeda (00:52 – 06:17)
02 – Onda ( 08:16 – 12:05)
03 – Penelope (13:31 – 17:32)
04 – Ninna Nanna (18:01 – 23:31)

If you use this piano song (SIAE, ASCAP) type: Andromeda, Gabriele Tosi

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Instrumental music for relaxation, meditation or background music for images.

The new age piano songs by the italian composer Gabriele Tosi are a relaxing and meditative melodic instrumental music: the use of traditional and electronic sounds combined with the melody played on the piano, projecting the listener in an entirely abstracted from reality. The new age music is generally quite simple: easy to carry and easy to listen. Just his innate simplicity makes it the perfect soundtrack for relaxation and meditation. The new age piano music is also classified within the easy listening music in order to emphasize the highly melodic, able to walk easily to a wide audience.

Very suitable to be also a soundtrack for a film, a short film, a television commercial, or a photo-montage, new age music for piano modern is the connecting link between classical tonal music and ambient electronica.

The new age piano songs by Gabriele Tosi are created in the studio using modern software and hardware music: the result is a professional background music . The use of modern techniques of equalization and mastering create a high-quality audio (click here for more information on the technical aspects). A lot of people use Gabriele Tosi’s new age piano songs on Youtube because is high quality royalty free music.



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