Stingray Music

Gospel MusicDiscover The Secret Place – gospel music infused with a spirit of worship and intimacy. The seven-shape-note tradition is a nineteenth-century growth from the unique fasola, or 4-note solmization, which was imported from the British Isles and proved common in colonial America.

While many have wondered if Coloring Book represents a new path toward the gospel rap” style for Chance, albums like The 2 Sides Of Sam Cooke prove such limits aren’t mandatory—he can do both individually and together.

It was Dorsey who coached, trained and inspired the first generation of gospel singers, with Chicago greats equivalent to Roberta Martin, Sallie Martin, Clara Ward and Mahalia Jackson taking the Dorsey sound to churches and live performance halls around the world.

Moody and Sankey, Sunday and Rodeheaver, and Graham and Shea were chargeable for setting a very excessive customary for Gospel music.

While there are various kinds of gospel music, the message of hope stays a constant power that listeners proceed to cherish and rejoice throughout the world.

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