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A Guide to Bluetooth Headsets and Earbuds

In terms of sound quality, Bluetooth has suffered a bad reputation before the higher end models came out, and with such models that has been an improvement and can be as good as their wired systems. Even though the average types of Bluetooth are not well reputed for sound quality, people still prefer them over the wired systems because they feel that wires are a hindrance in their activities like jogging, exercising, commuting, lying down, or charging your phone on the other side of the room. With a wireless Bluetooth, these hindrances are removed and thus whatever is important to you can be done without the wire trappings.

That’s for the Bluetooth, but what about the difference between a headphone that rest on your outer ears, or those earbud type where you need to insert it to your ear? Well, first of all earbuds they are lighter and far less bulky. It is easy to bring earbud wherever you go unlike bulky headphones. They are worn almost anywhere because earbuds only sits in your ear canals, they don’t affect your hairstyle, does not command space so you can wear glasses without impinging your ear or you can use earrings without those intruding mufflers to cover your ear.

When you listen to earbud sound quality the bass tone is quite lacking in quality. They also don’t filter out external noise very well, so the tendency is to crank up the volume which can wreck your hearing.
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Most of those who complain about earbud earphones is that they find it hurting their ear canals while others simply cannot wear them because they always slip out of their ears. But other than these, there are many other enumerable advantages that goes with bringing along this miniature device that is wireless.
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If you want to listen to quality sound in a piece of music the way to do so is to get yourself a wired headphones. When you are at home listening to great music, this is ideal. But if you are working out at the gym or commuting, Bluetooth earbuds are probably better.

Before purchasing what you think is best for you, you need to consider one more thing. Headphones are earbuds can isolate noise but they cannot cancel it. There is a great difference between noise isolating and noise cancelling. When we say a headphone is noise cancelling there is a microphone that listens to incoming sounds, then a process inside creates inverse waves which get fed back into the headphone or the earbud. These inverse waves cancel out the ambient sound. The processes inside the earphone or headphone will see to it that nothing of the ambient sound is heard.

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